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Alcohol Policy

The below Alcohol policy is an excerpt from our Member Protection Policy (which all members must abide by).



14.1 The Club’s Commitment

Villa FC supports the responsible consumption of alcohol and takes seriously any inappropriate behaviour that results from excessive drinking.

Alcohol-free social events will be provided for young people and families.

The club will not endorse or support events that involve excessive consumption of alcohol.


14.2 What the Club Will Do


14.2.1 Serving Alcohol

- Alcohol will be served in compliance with the requirements of the club's liquor licence and in accordance with the safety and wellbeing of patrons.
- Only those who hold a current Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate will be permitted to serve alcohol. They are not permitted to drink while serving alcohol;
- The liquor licence will be displayed at the bar;
- Excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol will be discouraged;
- A person aged under 18 will not be permitted to be behind the bar under any circumstances;
- A committee member will be present at events where alcohol is served.


14.2.2 Intoxicated Patrons

- Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated. Signs of intoxication include slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, reduced inhibition, aggressive, belligerent and disrespectful behaviour;
- Servers will follow procedures, provided in their training by the Liquor Licensing Commission, for dealing with and refusing alcohol to intoxicated patrons;
- Intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave. Safe travel options may be suggested.


14.2.3 Underage Drinking

- People aged under 18 will not knowingly be served alcohol;
- Staff will request proof of age, where appropriate, and only photo ID will be accepted.


14.2.4 Safe Transport

- The club will provide taxi phone numbers at the venue, if required.


14.2.5 Food and Other Drinks

- A range of snacks and food will be available at the canteen when alcohol is served;
- The club will provide low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, such as fruit juice, water, Powerade and soft drink, at the bar and at social functions;
- Tea and coffee will be provided at the canteen during social functions.


14.2.6 Promoting the Responsible Use of Alcohol

- Posters about responsible drinking and standard drinks measures will be prominently displayed;
- The club will not advertise, promote or serve alcohol at junior events or activities.


14.3 What Members are Expected To Do

All members and sporting personnel are required to comply with the following.
- behave responsibly when consuming alcohol at all club functions, events and away trips;
- do not supply alcohol to team members if they are aged under 18;
- do not drink alcohol at the club, club functions, matches or while away on trips if you are aged under 18;
- do not bring alcohol to games.


14.4 Non-Compliance

The club will take action for breaches of behaviour and responsibilities outlined in this policy.
- If members or sporting personnel become drunk at the club or other social events they will be asked to leave. Ongoing instances of intoxication will be in breach of the club’s Code of Behaviour and can result in disciplinary action (e.g. suspension or termination of membership);
- spiking of drinks is a criminal offence that can be reported to police by victims. It can lead to serious police charges being laid against the offender/s;
- serving alcohol to a minor is a criminal offence that can be reported to the police and the relevant liquor licensing authority by victims and their parents. It can lead to heavy fines. Separate action can be taken as a breach of the club’s state sporting organisation’s and Villa FC’s Member Protection Policy to provide for the protection, safety and welfare of children;
- any person aged under 18 found to have consumed alcohol while at a club function or on a trip in the care of the club may be suspended for the remainder of the competition. The young person’s parents shall be advised and will be responsible for getting their son/daughter home at their own expense;
- any member or sporting personnel found to have behaved inappropriately because of over-consumption of alcohol (e.g. sexual harassment, verbal abuse, physical assault, neglect of a child) will face disciplinary action as outlined in t
he club’s Member Protection Policy or Code of Behaviour.

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