Alstonville and District Football Club (Villa FC) has been providing a fun football experience for the people of the Alstonville Plateau since 1972.

During our proud history we have focused on being an inclusive club promoting positive behaviours and participation in team sport.

The club provides a pathway for talented players with strong teams in both the men's and women's premier divisions and in the junior competitions.

Our sense of community and love for the game makes this a great club to be involved with. New players and volunteers are always welcome. Please click on the 'Contact Us' menu item above for all inquiries.

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There is a MiniRoos coaching course coming up on Sunday 30 April here in Alstonville. It goes from 9:00-11:30am and is at Geoff Watt fields.

We would like ALL Gr6-11 MiniRoos coaches and managers (and anyone else interested) to attend this FREE event. Also MiniRoos referees should attend this course.

Attendees will gain a MiniRoos Certificate qualification from FFA, not to mention giving you skills to coach more effectively and to provide your players with a better playing experience!

We don't always get the opportunity to have a course at our own club so please make the most of it. To REGISTER for the course click here.

This Weeks Games

Below are all the games being played by Villa FC teams this weekend. This is just an extract from the Sports Pulse draw (see link in 'Quick Links' on left).

28/04/201718:30CP1(14 Girls)Alstonville Hot ShotsUki Pythons
28/04/201719:45CP1(Womens Premier Division)AlstonvilleBangalow
28/04/201720:00Eur(Mens Division 3)EurekaAlstonville
28/04/201718:30Potts1(Grade 14/2nd Div.)PottsvilleAlstonville
28/04/201719:45Potts1(Grade 16/2nd Div.)PottsvilleAlstonville
29/04/201710:20BB1(Grade 13/2nd North)Byron BayAlstonville
29/04/20179:00Cas3(Grade 10 Red)Casino JetsA'ville Stingrays
29/04/201711:30E2(Grade 12/1st Div.)Richmond RoversAlstonville
29/04/20179:00GW2(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville WhalesLennox Threshers
29/04/201710:00GW2(Grade 11 Red)A'ville FirefliesKyogle
29/04/201711:00GW2(Grade 10 Red)A'ville SharksSouth Lismore
29/04/20179:00GW4(Grade 6 Blue)A'ville KomodosA'ville Crocodiles
29/04/20179:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville HawksLennox Great White
29/04/20179:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville KookaburrasA'ville Lorikeets
29/04/20179:00GW4(Grade 7 White)A'ville KestralsA'ville Emus
29/04/20179:00GW5(Grade 8 Orange)A'ville WombatsLennox Whalers
29/04/20179:00GW5(Grade 8 Yellow)A'ville EchnidasSouth Lismore
29/04/20179:00Mull1(Grade 16/1st Div.)MBVFCAlstonville
29/04/201710:20Mull1(Grade 14/1st Div.)MBVFCAlstonville Vipers
29/04/20179:00Rec 12(Grade 12/2nd South)Lismore WorkersA'ville Scorpions
29/04/20179:00S1(Grade 15/1st Div.)BallinaAlstonville
29/04/201711:00S5(Grade 10 Blue)Ballina DolphinsA'ville Barracudas
29/04/201710:00S6(Grade 8 Orange)Ballina DolphinsA'ville Wallabies
29/04/201710:00S6(Grade 8 Blue)Ballina TurtlesA'ville Possums
29/04/201711:00S6(Grade 9 Blue)Ballina DolphinsA'ville Panthers
29/04/20179:00S8(Grade 6 Purple)Ballina DolphinsA'ville Geckos
29/04/20179:00S8(Grade 7 Green)Ballina TurtlesA'ville Eagles
29/04/20179:00S8(Grade 6 Blue)Ballina OspreysA'ville Bluetongues
29/04/201710:00S8(Grade 6 Orange)Ballina TurtlesA'ville Magpies
29/04/201710:00S8(Grade 6 Blue)Ballina SeahorsesA'ville Goannas
29/04/201710:00S8(Grade 7 White)Ballina SeahorsesA'ville Cockatoos
29/04/201710:00S8(Grade 7 White)Ballina MantaraysA'ville Falcons
29/04/201710:00SkHd2(Grade 11 Pink)Lennox HeadAlstonville
29/04/20179:00SkHd3(Grade 8 Blue)Lennox TigersharksA'ville Platypuses
29/04/201710:00SkHd3(Grade 9 Orange)Lennox TigersharksA'ville Leopards
29/04/20179:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Orange)Lennox TigersharksA'ville T-Rex's
29/04/20179:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Orange)Lennox WhalesharksAlstonville Kites
29/04/20179:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Purple)Lennox StingraysAville Monitors
29/04/201710:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Orange)Lennox MakosA'ville Dragons
29/04/201710:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Purple)Lennox BullsharksA'ville Skinks
29/04/20179:00Stars1(Grade 11 Red)Italo StarsA'ville Hoppers
29/04/201711:30Stars1(Grade 13/2nd South)Italo StarsAlstonville
29/04/201713:00Stars1(Mens Premier Reserve)Italo StarsAlstonville
29/04/201715:00Stars1(Mens Premier Division)Italo StarsAlstonville
29/04/201713:00TEB 1(Mens Division 7)TEBFCAlstonville
29/04/201715:00TEB 1(Mens Division 2)TEBFCAlstonville
29/04/20179:00TEB 3(Grade 7 Blue)T'bar MarlinsA'ville Condors
29/04/201710:00TEB 3(Grade 6 Purple)T'bar JewfishA'ville Frillnecks
29/04/201710:00TEB 3(Grade 7 Green)T'bar LionfishA'ville Swifts
29/04/20179:00TEB 4(Grade 9 Orange)T'bar HammerheadsA'ville Tigers
29/04/201710:00TEB 4(Grade 9 Blue)T'bar SharksA'ville Pumas
29/04/201710:00TEB 4(Grade 9 Blue)T'bar MarlinsA'ville Cougars
29/04/20179:00W'burn1(Grade 12/2nd South)WoodburnA'ville Tarantulas
29/04/201710:00W'burn1(Grade 14/1st Div.)WoodburnAlstonville Taipans
29/04/201713:00W'burn1(Mens Division 6)WoodburnAlstonville
29/04/201715:00W'burn1(Mens Division 4)WoodburnAlstonville
29/04/20179:00W'burn3(Grade 8 Blue)Woodburn HowlersA'ville Quolls
29/04/201710:00W'burn3(Grade 9 Orange)WoodburnA'ville Bobcats
29/04/20179:00W'burn4(Grade 11 White)Woodburn HowlersA'ville Mozzies
29/04/20179:00WP1(Grade 13/1st Div.)GoonellabahAlstonville
29/04/201710:00WP2(Grade 11 White)G'bah HurricanesA'ville Dragonflies
30/04/20179:00Cas1(12 Girls)CasinoAlstonville
30/04/20179:00CP1(Grade 14/1st Div.)Alstonville TaipansWoodburn
30/04/201710:10CP1(Grade 14/1st Div.)Alstonville VipersMBVFC
30/04/20179:00CP2(Grade 12/2nd South)A'ville TarantulasWoodburn
30/04/201710:10CP2(Grade 12/2nd South)A'ville ScorpionsLismore Workers
30/04/20179:45Mull1(14 Girls)MBVFCAlstonville Spirit
30/04/201711:00Mull1(16 Girls)MBVFCAlstonville Velocity
30/04/201714:30Mull1(Womens Division 2)MBVFCAlstonville
30/04/201711:00Stars1(16 Girls)Italo StarsAlstonville Red Devils
30/04/201712:30W'burn1(Womens Division 5)WoodburnAlstonville
Aldi MiniRoos Info

MiniRoos is now sponsored by Aldi. MiniRoos is the name for organised football played by Gr6-11 players (ie: ages 4-11).

For more info and for the rules (under club resources), click here.

7 Ways How Yelling at Officials is Hurting Children

There is an interesting article about yelling at referees that you can find on the 'Play by the Rules' website here.

Also, our club has a referee abuse code of behaviour and we would like all club members to become familiar with it and put into practice good behaviour towards all officials at all times.

You can find our Codes of Behaviour here.

Roar Clinic a Big Success!

Over 100 players got to enjoy an afternoon being trained by the Brisbane Roar coaching staff at Geoff Watt fields today.

The inflatable field provided a great opportunity to try out their new skills and to just have some fun. Lucy pictured below certainly enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of football.

We would like to thank Brisbane Roar for coming all the way to Alstonville to inspire our young players. Well done!

MiniRoos Coaches & Managers Meeting (Wed 26 Apr)

There will be a MiniRoos Coaches and Managers meeting on Wednesday 26 April, 2017. This is compulsory for all MiniRoos coaches and managers.

Important new Working With Children Check information will be discussed. Also team gear, coach packs and playing strips will be handed out.

It is very important that all team officials attend as follows:

- Gr6-7 Meeting, 6-7PM @ GW Clubhouse
(followed by optional coaching session 7-8PM @ GW3)

- Gr8-11 Meeting, 7-8PM @ GW Clubhouse
(preceded by optional coaching session 6-7PM @ GW3)

We are looking forward to seeing you all there in prep for a great 2017 season!

Keeper Sessions
Next Session: Mon 1st May 2017

This year we are continuing our special training sessions for keepers who are extra keen to improve. Matt Baker has generously offered to run these sessions once again.

The sessions run WEEKLY at CP - 5:30-6:00PM for Primary ages and 6:00-6:30PM for High School ages. If Crawford Park is closed due to wet weather then the sessions will be cancelled for that week. The keeper sessions are open to junior players from Gr10-16. There is no charge for these sessions. Details for the sessions are as follows:

Goal Keeper Sessions Details

These are for those aspiring to be goal keepers or for experienced goal keepers wanting to refine their skills. Matt Baker, who will be running these sessions, is a Premier level keeper. Last year we had lots of reports of improved performance as a result of coming to these sessions. Players will greatly benefit from this training so please come along.

MiniRoos Musters Completed

The MiniRoos (Gr6-11) musters are now completed and teams have been formed. So don't come back to any more musters. You should hear from your coach this week what team players are in and to organise a training day. Thanks to all who helped out during the muster.


FFNC has called off all football for this weekend (31 Mar - 2 Apr) due to the flood and calls from SES for people to remain SAFE and stay at home if possible.

Games will be rescheduled at some stage so check the draw for updates in the coming weeks.


We have had a very successful sign-on this year and most teams are now FULL, however we are wanting more players in particular for Gr10 MiniRoos (turning 10 this year) and Gr13 Mixed (turning 13 this year).

If you are interested please contact Matt Wiltshire on 0402 013 364 or visit the registration page of this website for how to register.

Junior Grading Now Complete (updated 18 Mar 2017)

We have now completed junior grading for all Gr12-16 teams. So please DON'T come back this Sunday or Monday.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help with grading. It can sometimes be a thankless job!


Some players will no doubt be placed into a different team to last year, or not in the team they were expecting.

This happens every year and we ask that parents help their children realise they will still have a great time playing football regardless of what team they are in. We find it only takes a few weeks for players to adjust to a new team and make new friends, which can only be a positive!

We pride ourselves in trying to have an objective grading process that gives every player equal opportunity each year.

But please also note that the teams selected by one person, won't necessarily be the same teams selected by another person. There is no such thing as a perfect grading.

So we thank you for your patience and understanding.

2017 Sign On and Registration Information


Villa FC extends a warm welcome to new & existing players and volunteers for 2017.

All the information you will need to sign on with Villa FC this season is given below.


The Sign-on period for 2017 is officially over and teams are filling up fast but it's not too late to register.

Note that team placement is subject to availability and from now on online myfootballclub registration does not mean you have a place in a team until approved by the club. Players may have to go on a waiting list.

Womens Teams Info (updated 16 Feb)

OPEN A Callan McMillan and Women Premiers

The Open A team has now been finalised and players have been emailed the team list and info. Training for this team will continue on TUESDAY nights 6-8PM at CP.

Players wanting to play Womens Premier this season but were not selected in the Open A team are encouraged to attend Open A training sessions.

OPEN B Callan McMillan

The Open B team has now been finalised and players have been emailed the team list and info. Training for this team will be this Sunday (19 Feb) 4:30-6:00pm at CP and then continue on THURSDAY nights 6:30-8:00PM at CP. Note there is NO training this Thursday night (16 Feb).

Div 5 Womens Training

Training has started for Div 5 Women on Wednesday nights 6:30-8:00pm at CP2. This team is coached by Justin Stevenson.

NOTE: ALL players in Callan McMillan must sign the signature sheet before next Thursday (23 Feb). This can be done at training or by arrangement with the coach.

Contact Matt Wiltshire on 0402013364 if you have any questions.

Villa Sweeper - Feb 2017 Newsletter

The February edition of our newsletter is now available online. Click here to download.

Please make sure you have a read as it contains important info for everyone!

Working Bee - HELPERS NEEDED - Sat 18 Feb

We need to get ready for season 2017 and prepare our facilities by having a clean up and doing some painting.

Our annual working bee will be on Saturday 18th Feb. We will be meeting at CP from 7am onwards. But if you can spare an hour or two later in the day that would be great also.

The more helpers we have, the less work everyone has to do. So please come along and support our wonderful club!

Grading and Muster Schedule - 2017


Gr10/11 - Mon - 4:30 to 5:15PM at GW - (starting 6 Mar - then each week until teams formed)
Gr8/9 - Tue - 4:30 to 5:15PM at GW - (starting 7 Mar - then each week until teams formed)
Gr7 - Wed - 4:30 to 5:15PM at GW - (starting 8 March - then each week until teams formed)
Gr6 - Thu - 4:30 to 5:15PM at GW - (starting 9 March - then each week until teams formed)

The Grade 6 – 11 Muster Days are designed to get all players from the same age group together until coaches for all teams are found and late registrations are processed. Supervised activities will be provided for approximately three quarters of an hour in no particular groupings until such time as teams can be formed and coaches announced.

Players should try to attend all muster days so they are there when teams are announced. Team training will then commence on a day and time that suits the coach.

Please contact if you can be a helper at a muster.


Gr12 Boys - Sun - 6:00 to 7:30PM at GW3 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr13 Boys - Mon - 6:00 to 7:30PM at GW2 (20 Feb, 27 Feb, 6 Mar)
Gr14 Boys - Sun - 4:30 to 6:00PM at GW3 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr15 Boys - Mon - 6:00 to 7:30PM at GW3 (20 Feb, 27 Feb, 6 Mar)
Gr16 Boys - Mon - 6:00 to 7:30PM at GW3 (20 Feb, 27 Feb, 6 Mar)

Gr12 Girls - Sun - 4:30 to 5:30PM at GW2 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr13 Girls - Sun - 4:30 to 5:30PM at GW4 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr14 Girls - Sun - 6:00 to 7:00PM at GW2 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr15 Girls - Sun - 6:00 to 7:00PM at GW4 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)
Gr16 Girls - Sun - 6:00 to 7:00PM at GW4 (19 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar)

For Grades 12 to 16 formal grading is carried out where there is more than one team in an age group. Players will be graded on ability to suit the structure of the competition offered by FFNC. Players should attend all grading sessions and try their best and should not assume they will be in the same team as last year. Training will begin on the above dates/locations for teams not requiring grading.

Premier Men Training - 2017

Trials for our 2017 Premier Mens squad has started this week. They are training Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm at CP.

Andy Brown is our 2017 Premier men coach and can be contacted be email here .

All welcome!

2017 Committee Elected!

Villa FC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on the 10th October where the committee for 2017 was elected. Pete Weingarth was re-elected club President and Jan Priddle as club secretary. And some other familiar faces were also re-elected to various positions. We thank the 2016 Committee members for their help and welcome the new Committee for 2017.

It was fantastic to see some new faces at the AGM and see them take on a role within our great Club. Congratulations to those joining the Villa FC Committee for the first time. The full committee list can be viewed here.

However while a great deal of the positions were filled on the night there remain some vacant positions. These positions include:

- Canteen Coordinator
- Treasurer
- MiniRoos Vice-President
- Junior Carnival Coordinator
- Junior Carnival Committee
- Line Marking Helpers
- Clubhouse Cleaners

We encourage you to have a think about what role you may be able to assist Villa FC with in 2017 and to make contact with a Committee member accordingly.

Calling all teenage footballers!

Foxtel and Tim Cahill are proud to announce the return of the Ambitions Tour; and right now we’re searching for young footballers from right around Australia who deserve the chance to follow their dreams.

We’ll be selecting 24 lucky 15-16 year olds to attend this exclusive 5-day training camp at the Melbourne City Academy this January where they will be put through their paces by top coaches, industry experts and Tim Cahill himself. Find out more.

It is an incredible opportunity for teenage football lovers to spend time learning from the best in the business, and develop the knowledge and inspiration to make it to the top.

Know a teenage footballer who'd love this opportunity? Nominate them today.

Not in the right age group? Don’t worry, simply register your interest, and we’ll be announcing more exciting opportunities soon.

“This is such a great opportunity for talented young footballers from all walks of life to follow their dreams” – Tim Cahill

Senior Presentation Night

The 2016 Senior Presentation evening will be held at the Plateau Bowls and Sports Club on Saturday 15th October, from 6:30pm. Tickets are $35 each with a very original theme of red & black cocktail.

Tickets are on sale at one of our major sponsors, the Alstonville Plateau Bowls & Sports Club.

Please advise any dietary requirements to the Club when purchasing tickets.

We hope to see you there!

End of Season Info for 2016!

This weekend is the last games for MiniRoos (Gr6-11). We hope all the players have really enjoyed the season and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


It would be great if all teams are there to receive their trophies. At the presentation each team will be asked to come forward and the coach will be given a box of trophies. Teams are then asked to go back and sit down until all teams have come forward.

Then, at the end of the presentation, coaches can present the trophies to their players - or they may choose to present then later if the team is organising a breakup event.

There will also be a sausage sizzle for sale at GW from 11:30-12:30 to raise funds towards the Gr16 Girls trip to Tasmania.

Gr12-16 teams have now finished their regular season, with some teams going through to finals. Again we hope players have had a fun season of football for 2016.


Coaches - please make sure all your players attend this important end of season event to receive their trophies and acknowledge achievements during the season.

Thanks you.

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Updated: 4:00pm, Thu 27th April 2017

This Weeks Roster


Last team on each field packs up!


Fri 28 Apr



14 Hotshots

Sat 29 Apr



10 Whales

Sun 30 Apr



14 Taipans

Sun 30 Apr



12 Tarantulas

Tue 2 May



Womens 2nd

CANTEEN (click here for times)

Fri 28 Apr



14 Hotshots

Fri 28 Apr



Womens Prem

Sat 29 Apr



11 Fireflies

Sat 29 Apr



10 Sharks

Sat 29 Apr



6 Crocodiles

Sat 29 Apr



8 Wombats

Sun 30 Apr



14 Taipans

Sun 30 Apr



14 Vipers

Tue 2 May



Womens 2nd

Tue 2 May



Men 2nd



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40 Year History Book


The club has published its history for the first time in a beautiful full colour bound book. These can be purchased for $25 from the canteen.

Video of the Week

We are a Good Sports club

2017 Upcoming Events

26 Apr

Gr6-7 Meeting

GW, 6-7pm

26 Apr

Gr8-11 Meeting

GW, 7-8pm

29 Apr

MiniRoos Start

Check DRAW

30 Apr

MiniRoos Course

GW, 9:00AM

1 May

Keeper Sessions

CP, 5:30PM

8 May

Club Meeting

ABC, 7:00PM

See full calendar here.

Latest Mens Premier Score

Game: 3:00pm, 26 Mar, CP1 vs Thistles

Villa FC

Pos: -





Pos: -

Next: 5:00pm, 8 Apr, CP1 vs Casino

Latest Womens Premier Score

Game: 2:30pm, 26 Mar, JSF vs Bangalow

Villa FC

Pos: 4





Pos: 1

Next: 2:30pm, 9 Apr, CP1 vs Lennox

2017 Carnivals & Tournaments

12 Mar

Girls Carnival


26 Mar

Junior Carnival


7 May

Junior Carnival

Sth Lismore

28 May

Junior Carnival


18 June

Junior Carnival


25 June

Junior Carnival


25 June

Junior Carnival


1 July

Girls Carnival

Byron Bay

6 Aug

Junior Carnival



Oceania Cup


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