Alstonville and District Football Club (Villa FC) has been providing a fun football experience for the people of the Alstonville Plateau since 1972.

During our proud history we have focused on being an inclusive club promoting positive behaviours and participation in team sport.

The club provides a pathway for talented players with strong teams in both the men's and women's premier divisions and in the junior competitions.

Our sense of community and love for the game makes this a great club to be involved with. New players and volunteers are always welcome. Please click on the 'Contact Us' menu item above for all inquiries.

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Good Sports Stories!!!

At Pottsville

Our 12yrs Girls Angels recently played at Pottsville. One of our players was injured (not through anything other than bad luck). We had no subs so were forced to play short. At this point we were leading the play 3 nil.

It was at this point as our player was being carried from the field (by some Pottsville supporters) that the young lady from the bench of the Pottsville team, without hesitation said 'we can help you out if you need. We can fill in for you'. This was so refreshing from the win at all cost world we find ourselves in. A case of kids just out to play soccer and have fun.

Thank you Pottsville! (from a Villa Parent)

At Lennox Head

A brief note regarding something that happened at a recent Gr12 B South game between the Alstonville Tarantulas and Lennox.

Mid way through the game a Villa player injured himself, the game was stopped and he opted to leave the field.

Without any prompting from the technical area, one of the Lennox players said “clap off the injured player guys” and the whole Lennox team promptly did so.

This was very impressive and unusual to witness, perhaps especially so as Lennox were so dominant in the game by then. I coach the Villa team but also have a Committee role in Wollongbar Alstonville Juniors rugby club, so I get to see a lot of kids sport! I still thought it worth giving back the positive feedback. More of it.

Thank you Lennox! (from a Villa Coach)

Keeper Sessions - CANCELLED THIS WEEK!
Next Session: Mon 21st Aug 2017

This year we are continuing our special training sessions for keepers who are extra keen to improve. Matt Baker has generously offered to run these sessions once again.

The sessions run WEEKLY at CP - 5:30-6:00PM for Primary ages and 6:00-7:00PM for High School ages. If Crawford Park is closed due to wet weather then the sessions will be cancelled for that week. The keeper sessions are open to junior players from Gr10-16. There is no charge for these sessions. Details for the sessions are as follows:

Goal Keeper Sessions Details

These are for those aspiring to be goal keepers or for experienced goal keepers wanting to refine their skills. Matt Baker, who will be running these sessions, is a Premier level keeper. Last year we had lots of reports of improved performance as a result of coming to these sessions. Players will greatly benefit from this training so please come along.

2017 Presentations


We invite all players, volunteers, sponsors and supporters to attend our end of year presentations to celebrate a great year of football here at Villa FC and for players to receive their trophies.

For great gift ideas for coaches and managers - there is Villa merchandise available at the canteens (ie: jackets, hats, hoodies, etc).

Gr6-11 PRESENTATION - Sat 16th Sept - 9:30am @ GW

Gr12-16 PRESENTATION - Sat 16th Sept - 11:30am @ GW



2017 Club Trivia Night

A fun packed night with games, prizes, nibbles and of course Trivia! Great Gatsby Theme. Prizes for best dressed.

Saturday 9th Sept. Doors Open 6:00pm for 6:30pm start. Alstonville Plateau Bowls and Sports Club.

Cost: $20. Tables of 10, organise your own table or just turn up.

Buy your tickets at the GW or CP canteens or at Alstonville Osteopathy, Main St.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Villa FC - OCEANIA CUP - 2017

We are excited to be running the Oceania Cup once again in 2017, 30 Sept/1 Oct (long weekend) here in beautiful Alstonville.

Click here to visit the Oceania Cup website for all the details.

This Weeks Games

Below are all the games being played by Villa FC teams this weekend. This is just an extract from the Sports Pulse draw (see link in 'Quick Links' on left).

18/08/201720:00BB1(Grade 16/1st Div.)Byron BayAlstonville
18/08/201719:00CP 1(12 Girls)AlstonvilleBangalow
18/08/201720:00CP 1(Womens Division 5)AlstonvilleLismore Workers
18/08/201719:00Rec 12(Womens Div. 4 Pool B)Lismore WorkersAlstonville
18/08/201720:00SkHd1(Womens Premier Division)Lennox HeadAlstonville
19/08/201710:20BB1(Grade 15/1st Div.)Byron BayAlstonville
19/08/2017BYEBYE (Grade 13/2nd South)AlstonvilleBYE
19/08/20179:00Cas2(Grade 11 Red)CasinoA'ville Fireflies
19/08/20179:00CP 1(Grade 14/1st Div.)Alstonville TaipansAlstonville Vipers
19/08/201710:15CP 1(Grade 16/2nd Div.)AlstonvilleMBVFC
19/08/201713:00CP 1(Mens Premier Reserve)AlstonvilleByron Bay
19/08/201715:00CP 1(Mens Premier Division)AlstonvilleByron Bay
19/08/20179:00CP 2(Grade 14/2nd Div.)AlstonvilleShores
19/08/201710:15CP 2(Grade 13/1st Div.)AlstonvilleByron Bay
19/08/201713:00CP 2(Mens Division 4)AlstonvilleSouth Lismore
19/08/201715:00CP 2(Mens Division 3)AlstonvilleSouth Lismore
19/08/20179:00Dun2(Grade 8 Yellow)Dunoon BandicootsA'ville Echnidas
19/08/201711:30Dun2(Grade 11 Pink)DunoonAlstonville
19/08/201710:00E3(Grade 10 Red)Rovers RebelsA'ville Sharks
19/08/20179:00GW2(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville WhalesA'ville Barracudas
19/08/201710:00GW2(Grade 11 Red)A'ville HoppersLismore Thistles
19/08/201711:00GW2(Grade 11 White)A'ville MozziesA'ville Dragonflies
19/08/20179:00GW3(Grade 12/2nd South)A'ville TarantulasGoonellabah
19/08/201710:00GW3(Grade 12/1st Div.)AlstonvilleLennox Head
19/08/201713:00GW3(Mens Division 7)AlstonvilleRichmond Rovers
19/08/201715:00GW3(Mens Division 6)AlstonvilleRichmond Rovers
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 6 Blue)A'ville BluetonguesA'ville Goannas
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville HawksT'bar Marlins
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 7 White)A'ville CockatoosA'ville Falcons
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 6 Orange)A'ville DragonsAlstonville Kites
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 6 Orange)A'ville T-Rex'sBallina Turtles
19/08/20179:00GW4(Grade 6 Purple)A'ville FrillnecksBallina Dolphins
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 7 Green)A'ville EaglesLennox Reef Sharks
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 7 Green)A'ville SwiftsSuffolk Park
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville LorikeetsLennox Gummy Sharks
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville KookaburrasLennox Bluesharks
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 7 Blue)A'ville CondorsLennox Wobbegongs
19/08/201710:00GW4(Grade 6 Purple)Aville MonitorsA'ville Skinks
19/08/20179:00GW5(Grade 8 Blue)A'ville PlatypusesBallina Turtles
19/08/20179:00GW5(Grade 8 Blue)A'ville QuollsLennox Makos
19/08/20179:00GW5(Grade 9 Blue)A'ville CougarsBallina Dolphins
19/08/20179:00GW5(Grade 9 Orange)A'ville BobcatsBallina Seahorses
19/08/201710:00GW5(Grade 9 Blue)A'ville PumasLennox Angelsharks
19/08/201710:00GW5(Grade 9 Orange)A'ville TigersA'ville Leopards
19/08/201710:00GW5(Grade 8 Orange)A'ville WombatsWoodburn Wolves
19/08/201710:15NH1(Grade 12/2nd South)Nimbin HeadersA'ville Scorpions
19/08/20179:00S6(Grade 8 Orange)Ballina DolphinsA'ville Wallabies
19/08/201710:00SkHd3(Grade 8 Blue)Lennox HammerheadsA'ville Possums
19/08/201710:00SkHd3(Grade 9 Blue)Lennox ThreshersA'ville Panthers
19/08/20179:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Orange)Lennox WhalesharksA'ville Magpies
19/08/20179:00SkHd4(Grade 6 Purple)Lennox BullsharksA'ville Geckos
19/08/20179:00SL 2(Grade 10 Red)South LismoreA'ville Stingrays
19/08/201715:00TEB 1(Mens Division 2)TEBFCAlstonville
19/08/20179:00Uki(Grade 13/2nd North)UkiAlstonville
19/08/20179:00W'burn5(Grade 6 Blue)Woodburn HowlersA'ville Komodos
19/08/20179:00W'burn5(Grade 7 White)WoodburnA'ville Kestrals
19/08/20179:00WP2(Grade 6 Blue)G'bah CyclonesA'ville Crocodiles
19/08/20179:00WP2(Grade 7 White)Goonellabah CyclonesA'ville Emus
20/08/2017BYEBYE (Girls 14 Pool B)Alstonville SpiritBYE
20/08/201710:30CP 2(16 Girls)Alstonville Red DevilsAlstonville Velocity
20/08/201710:00JSF(Girls 14 Pool B)BangalowAlstonville Hot Shots
20/08/201714:30Mull1(Womens Division 2)MBVFCAlstonville
Kids on Sideline Behaviour

Parents all want their children to shine on the sports field. Yet there’s nothing that will dull a child’s sparkle more than having parents and spectators pressure them from the sidelines.

It can be an easy trap to fall into as an adult. We go to adult sports events where the noise of the crowd masks all but the voices of those nearest us. We comment out loud at players’ performances, roar at mistakes, and vocally urge our favourites to do better and go harder.

We call it atmosphere.

But at a child’s sports event, we are likely to be one of only a few dozen spectators. When we scream instructions or yell in disgust, our child and other children on the field can hear every comment, and they know where it comes from.

Gold at the end of the Rainbow

The Gr10 Stingrays struck gold at training last week - capturing this rainbow landing on our clubhouse. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for Villa FC.

Dunoon United Achieves Level 2

Villa FC would like to congratulate Dunoon United FC on achieving Level 2 FFA Club Accreditation.

Dunoon are the second club in FFNC to achieve this great achievement (along with Villa FC). Well done Dunoon!

FFA Accreditation is not just a label, but indicates a club striving for best practice in all areas of it's running and policies.

See the Northern Star article here.

Silent Saturday - on TV

There have been some skeptics with the Northern NSW Football initiative "SILENT SATURDAY", but the proof is in the pudding with the kids enjoying a game of football without interruption from adults across our region last Saturday. And after all, it is the kids game.

Thanks so much to the 95% of parents, coaches and spectators from all clubs who gave Silent Saturday a go and saw the benefits. Hopefully we can all learn to "just let the kids play" every week. Please see the great NBN footage below.

7 Ways How Yelling at Officials is Hurting Children

There is an interesting article about yelling at referees that you can find on the 'Play by the Rules' website here.

Also, our club has a referee abuse code of behaviour and we would like all club members to become familiar with it and put into practice good behaviour towards all officials at all times.

You can find our Codes of Behaviour here.

SILENT Saturday

Northern NSW Football’s Silent Saturday initiative for 2017 will be conducted on Saturday May 27.

The message to all coaches, parents and spectators who will be attending ALDI MiniRoos (5-11s) matches on this day is to encourage you all to “Keep Quiet” and “Just let the kids play”.


Every season I am regretfully obliged to communicate with too many member clubs in regards to allegations of behaviour (whether words or actions) that are contrary to reasonable measure.

Our sport has close to 7000 players and by implication, many thousands of parents and supporters, so having a clear expectation that behaviour is always absolutely appropriate, is in reality flawed by many factors.

After several weeks of incidents that are very disappointing, I write to each member club primarily to give clarity and disclosure on a range of items to everyone at the same time.

Aldi MiniRoos Info

MiniRoos is now sponsored by Aldi. MiniRoos is the name for organised football played by Gr6-11 players (ie: ages 4-11).

For more info and for the rules (under club resources), click here.

Roar Clinic a Big Success!

Over 100 players got to enjoy an afternoon being trained by the Brisbane Roar coaching staff at Geoff Watt fields today.

The inflatable field provided a great opportunity to try out their new skills and to just have some fun. Lucy pictured below certainly enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of football.

We would like to thank Brisbane Roar for coming all the way to Alstonville to inspire our young players. Well done!

MiniRoos Coaches & Managers Meeting (Wed 26 Apr)

There will be a MiniRoos Coaches and Managers meeting on Wednesday 26 April, 2017. This is compulsory for all MiniRoos coaches and managers.

Important new Working With Children Check information will be discussed. Also team gear, coach packs and playing strips will be handed out.

It is very important that all team officials attend as follows:

- Gr6-7 Meeting, 6-7PM @ GW Clubhouse
(followed by optional coaching session 7-8PM @ GW3)

- Gr8-11 Meeting, 7-8PM @ GW Clubhouse
(preceded by optional coaching session 6-7PM @ GW3)

We are looking forward to seeing you all there in prep for a great 2017 season!

MiniRoos Musters Completed

The MiniRoos (Gr6-11) musters are now completed and teams have been formed. So don't come back to any more musters. You should hear from your coach this week what team players are in and to organise a training day. Thanks to all who helped out during the muster.


FFNC has called off all football for this weekend (31 Mar - 2 Apr) due to the flood and calls from SES for people to remain SAFE and stay at home if possible.

Games will be rescheduled at some stage so check the draw for updates in the coming weeks.


We have had a very successful sign-on this year and most teams are now FULL, however we are wanting more players in particular for Gr10 MiniRoos (turning 10 this year) and Gr13 Mixed (turning 13 this year).

If you are interested please contact Matt Wiltshire on 0402 013 364 or visit the registration page of this website for how to register.

Junior Grading Now Complete (updated 18 Mar 2017)

We have now completed junior grading for all Gr12-16 teams. So please DON'T come back this Sunday or Monday.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help with grading. It can sometimes be a thankless job!


Some players will no doubt be placed into a different team to last year, or not in the team they were expecting.

This happens every year and we ask that parents help their children realise they will still have a great time playing football regardless of what team they are in. We find it only takes a few weeks for players to adjust to a new team and make new friends, which can only be a positive!

We pride ourselves in trying to have an objective grading process that gives every player equal opportunity each year.

But please also note that the teams selected by one person, won't necessarily be the same teams selected by another person. There is no such thing as a perfect grading.

So we thank you for your patience and understanding.

2017 Sign On and Registration Information


Villa FC extends a warm welcome to new & existing players and volunteers for 2017.

All the information you will need to sign on with Villa FC this season is given below.


The Sign-on period for 2017 is officially over and teams are filling up fast but it's not too late to register.

Note that team placement is subject to availability and from now on online myfootballclub registration does not mean you have a place in a team until approved by the club. Players may have to go on a waiting list.


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This Weeks Roster


Last team on each field packs up!


Fri 18 Aug



12 Angels

Sat 19 Aug



14 Taipans

Sat 19 Aug



14 Cobras

Sat 19 Aug



10 Whales

Sat 19 Aug



12 Tarantulas

Sat 19 Aug



6 BlueTongues

Sun 20 Aug



16 Red Devils

CANTEEN (click here for times)

Fri 18 Aug



12 Angels

Fri 18 Aug



Wom 5th

Sat 19 Aug



14 Vipers

Sat 19 Aug



16 Torpedoes

Sat 19 Aug



Res. Men

Sat 19 Aug



Prem Mens

Sat 19 Aug



11 Dragonflies

Sat 19 Aug



7th Mens

Sat 19 Aug



6th Mens

Sat 19 Aug



7 Falcons

Sat 19 Aug



7 Lorikeets

Sat 19 Aug



8 Platypuses

Sat 19 Aug



9 Pumas

Sun 20 Aug



15 Velocity



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40 Year History Book


The club has published its history for the first time in a beautiful full colour bound book. These can be purchased for $25 from the canteen.

Video of the Week

We are a Good Sports club

2017 Upcoming Events

21 Aug

Keeper Sessions

CP, 5:30PM

4 Sept

Club Meeting

ABC, 7:00PM

8 Sept

Grand Finals Start


9 Sept

Villa Trivia Night

ABC, 6:30PM

16 Sept

Gr6-11 Pres

GW, 9:30AM

16 Sept

Gr12-16 Pres

GW, 11:30AM

30 Sep

Oceania Cup


See full calendar here.

Latest Mens Premier Score

Game: 2:30pm, 13 Aug, JSF vs Bangalow

Villa FC

Pos: 6





Pos: 3

Next: 3:00pm, 19 Aug, CP1 vs Byron

Latest Womens Premier Score

Game: 2:30pm, 13 Aug, T1 vs Thistles

Villa FC

Pos: 4





Pos: 1

Next: 8:00pm, 18 Aug, SkHd vs Lennox

2017 Carnivals & Tournaments

12 Mar

Girls Carnival


7 May

MiniRoos Carnival

Sth Lismore

28 May

MiniRoos Carnival


25 June

MiniRoos Carnival


2 July

Girls Carnival

Byron Bay

16 July

MiniRoos Carnival


16 July

Gr12-16 Carnival


23 July

MiniRoos Carnival


6 Aug

MiniRoos Carnival


27 Aug

MiniRoos Carnival



Oceania Cup


Oceania Cup

Click here for details and to register.

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