Alstonville and District Football Club (Villa FC) has been providing a fun football experience for the people of the Alstonville Plateau since 1972.

During our proud history we have focused on being an inclusive club promoting positive behaviours and participation in team sport.

The club provides a pathway for talented players with strong teams in both the men's and women's premier divisions and in the junior competitions.

Our sense of community and love for the game makes this a great club to be involved with. New players and volunteers are always welcome. Please click on the 'Contact Us' menu item above for all inquiries.

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This Weeks Games

Below are all the games being played by Villa FC teams this weekend. This is just an extract from the Sports Pulse draw (see link in 'Quick Links' on left).

2/09/201618:00CP 1(Grade 16/1st Div.)AlstonvilleRichmond Rovers
2/09/201619:30CP 1(Grade 13/1st Div.)AlstonvilleMullum/Bruns Valley
2/09/201619:00CP 2(16 Girls)AlstonvilleUki Pythons
3/09/201613:00CP 1(Mens Division 3)AlstonvilleByron Bay
3/09/201610:00Dun2(Grade 10 Pink)Dunoon DragonfliesA'ville Butterflies
3/09/20169:00GW2(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville HoppersBallina
3/09/201610:00GW2(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville MozziesWoodburn Wolverines
3/09/201611:00GW2(Grade 11 Blue)A'ville T-Rex'sBallina Ospreys
3/09/20169:00GW3(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville DragonfliesWoodburn Howlers
3/09/201610:00GW3(Grade 10 Blue)A'ville FirefliesWoodburn Wolves
3/09/201611:00GW3(Grade 11 Blue)A'ville FrillnecksA'ville Skinks
3/09/20169:00GW4(Grade 6 Pink)A'ville CondorsA'ville Magpies
3/09/20169:00GW4(Grade 6 Orange)A'ville HawksA'ville Eagles
3/09/20169:00GW4(Grade 6 Purple)A'ville KookaburrasA'ville Swifts
3/09/20169:00GW4(Grade 6 Brown)A'ville KestralsBallina Turtles
3/09/201610:00GW4(Grade 7 Purple)A'ville DingoesA'ville Bilbies
3/09/201610:00GW4(Grade 7 Pink)A'ville KoalasA'ville Echnidas
3/09/201610:00GW4(Grade 7 Brown)A'ville WallabiesA'ville Platypuses
3/09/201610:00GW4(Grade 7 Brown)A'ville WombatsA'ville Possums
3/09/201610:00GW4(Grade 6 Brown)A'ville KitesA'ville Cockatoos
3/09/20169:00GW5(Grade 8 Blue)A'ville CougarsA'ville Pumas
3/09/20169:00GW5(Grade 9 Blue)A'ville WhalesLennox Reef Sharks
3/09/20169:00GW5(Grade 9 Green)A'ville StingraysBallina Seahorses
3/09/20168:30Oakes Oval(Grade 12/2nd South)Alstonville LightningGoonellabah
3/09/201612:15Oakes Oval(Grade 13/2nd North)Alstonville VipersBallina
3/09/201615:00Oakes Oval(Grade 14/1st Div.)AlstonvilleTintenbar/East Ballina
3/09/20169:00Rec 12(Grade 16/2nd Div.)Lismore WorkersAlstonville
3/09/201610:00Rec 12-6(Grade 7 Yellow)Workers LionsA'ville Quolls
3/09/201610:00SkHd3(Grade 8 Green)Lennox AngelsharksA'ville Bobcats
3/09/201610:00SkHd3(Grade 8 Blue)Lennox TigersharksA'ville Tigers
3/09/201610:00SkHd3(Grade 9 Blue)Lennox TigersharksA'ville Sharks
3/09/201610:40SkHd4(Grade 6 Pink)Lennox WhalesharksA'ville Lorikeets
3/09/201610:40SkHd4(Grade 6 Purple)Lennox Reef SharksA'ville Falcons
3/09/201611:30SkHd4(Grade 6 Orange)Lennox MakosA'ville Emus
3/09/20169:00T2(Grade 11 Blue)Thistles RangersA'ville Komodos
3/09/20169:00TEB 4(Grade 8 Blue)T'bar SharksA'ville Leopards
3/09/201614:00W'burn1(Mens Division 2)WoodburnAlstonville
3/09/20169:00W'burn3(Grade 9 Green)Woodburn WolverinesA'ville Barracudas
3/09/201610:00W'burn3(Grade 8 Green)Woodburn WolvesA'ville Panthers
4/09/201613:00Dun1(Womens Division 3)DunoonAlstonville
4/09/20169:00Oakes Oval(12 Girls)Alstonville Hot ShotsBangalow
4/09/201610:15Oakes Oval(15 Girls)Alstonville Red DevilsBangalow
2016 Teams in Finals

With the regular season now over for Gr12+, we turn our attention to the finals series. This year we have 11 teams in juniors and seniors playing in finals.

Two teams are already through to the Grand Final - Gr13 Girls Hotshots and Gr15 Girls Red Devils. Well done to these teams and all the best to all our teams this weekend. Go Villa!

26/08/201618:00CP 1(Grade 14/1st Div.)AlstonvilleGoonellabah
26/08/201619:30CP 1(Grade 16/2nd Div.)AlstonvilleDunoon
26/08/201618:30Potts1(16 Girls)PottsvilleAlstonville
26/08/201618:30SkHd1(Womens Premier Division)Lennox HeadAlstonville
27/08/20169:00CP 1(Grade 16/1st Div.)AlstonvilleLismore Thistles
27/08/201610:30CP 1(Grade 13/2nd North)Alstonville VipersPottsville
27/08/20169:00CP 2(Grade 13/1st Div.)AlstonvilleRovers Rangers
27/08/201613:00Potts1(Mens Division 2)Pottsville BeachAlstonville
28/08/201612:30S1(Womens Division 3)BallinaAlstonville
Villa FC - OCEANIA CUP - 2016

We are excited to be running the Oceania Cup once again in 2016, 1-2 October (long weekend) here in beautiful Alstonville.

Click here to visit the Oceania Cup website for all the details.

2016 Carnival - A Great Day!

With possible rain predicted it was decided on Saturday afternoon to go ahead with our 2016 Junior Carnival, held on Sunday 7 Aug.

It ended up being a great day weather wise and even better for around 1100 players and 130 teams who enjoyed an action packed day of football and fun. The carnival is all about the players and seeing smiles on their faces, and by all accounts this was achieved.

This year we had many teams from outside our zone including: Victoria Point, Robina, Burleigh Heads, Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Murwillumbah & Maclean. Thanks to these teams for traveling all that way, we hope you enjoyed the day!

A huge thanks goes to all our wonderful volunteers who started the day very early and never stopped all day. And also to all those who helped behind the scenes putting in many hours to prepare for this big day.

And without all the teams who participated it wouldn't have been such a great day, thank you!

We would also like to thank our valued 2016 Carnival Sponsors:

- Clarence Property
- Alstonville Plaza
- LaFaro Accountants

DRAFT 2016 Grand Final Series

Here is the DRAFT grand final dates. Note this is subject to change!

FFNC 2016 Grand Final Series
DRAFT updated 11th July

Saturday Sept. 3
8.30am 12/2 Nth
9.45am 12/2 Sth
11am 12/1st
12.15pm 13/2 Nth
1.30pm 14/2
3pm 14/1
4.15pm 15/1st
5.45pm Mens Div. 5

Sunday Sept. 4
9am 12 Girls
10.15am 15 Girls
11.45am Womens Div. 5
1.45pm Womens Div. 4

Friday Sept. 9
5.45pm Mens Div 7
7.45pm Mens Div. 6

Saturday Sept. 10
8.30am 12/3
9.45am 13/2 Sth
11.15am 15/2
12.45pm 16/2

Sunday Sept. 11
10am 16 Girls
11.30am Womens Div. 3
1.45pm Womens Div. 2
4pm Womens Premier

Friday Sept. 16
6pm Mens Div. 4
8pm Mens Div. 3

Saturday Sept. 17th
8.30am 13/1st
10am 16/1st
11.30am Mens Div. 2
1.30pm Mens Div. 1
3.45pm Premier Reserve
6pm Premier Div.

Junior Carnival - This SUNDAY!

The Villa FC Junior Carnival is on this Sunday (7th August). It will surely be another fantastic day full of fun for the kids!

It would be greatly appreciated if Villa FC families/teams can do the following:

1. Take note of their roster, whether it be set up or canteen, and turn up to lend a hand; Roster will be published in the next few days.

2. Please DO NOT PARK at Geoff Watt. This year we have a significant number of travelling teams (well outside the area) so please be courteous and park a short distance away.

3. Please bring a cake or slice for sale at the cake stand.

Thank you for your help and see you soon!

Hotmail Email Addresses!

We have noticed that people with HOTMAIL email addresses do not get our club emails or the emails go to the spam folder.

We have tried to fix this but it is proving difficult.

If you do not get our club emails please create an account on the website with an alternate email address (see bottom left of home screen - scroll down) or check the website regularly for club info. Thanks a lot.

Roar Clinic - A Roaring Success!

Today Brisbane Roar came to Alstonville to hold a junior clinic. They brought their inflatable field which proved very popular with the youngsters.

Even the parents had a fabulous time as they watched on to non-stop football fun.

Thanks to all who attended and thanks to Brisbane Roar for a great day of football!

Keep our Referees!
What is Winning?

(By Steve Watson, youth coach)

Maybe it's time to redefine "winning".

- Winning to me is to have everyone still playing at U12 that started at U6.
- Winning is giving the children a passion for the game they can enjoy for life.
- Winning is challenging every player to achieve realistic goals based on the child's individual abilities.
- Winning is always being a positive role model.

Think of the difference the child sees in coaches who want their kids to have fun versus those coaches screaming at the players, the ref and each other across the field.

Soccer can be enjoyed at all ages. Let's not drive the next Mia Hamm or David Beckham from soccer at U7 because of our misguided concept of winning.

Also see a great article about "WINNING vs DEVELOPMENT" here and a very interesting survey about what kids themselves value in sport.

Brisbane Roar in Alstonville!

Attention Alstonville FC Junior Players

We have managed to secure a Clinic to be conducted by Brisbane Roar at Geoff Watt Oval for Alstonville FC players as follows:

Date: Fri 8 July, 2016
Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm (ages 5-10)
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm (ages 11-15)
Cost: $35.00
Rego: Refer to flyer for details, the process is handled directly by Brisbane Roar

Spots are limited to 70 per session, register early to avoid disappointment!

We believe this will be an enjoyable event to help improve the skills of the Alstonville FC players as well as a path to creating closer ties with Brisbane Roar.

Download the 5-10 yr old flyer here.

Download the 11-15 yr old flyer here.

Silent Saturday

This Saturday is SILENT SATURDAY for all MiniRoos football.

This is where ALL parents and spectators are asked to WATCH the game but refrain from making any comments to the players or about the game.

Clapping IS allowed and supporters are encouraged to be creative in how they choose to cheer their child's team (Eg make signs to hold up, bring a scarf in the team's colour and wave it wildly) but AVOID calling out loudly. This may be hard for some of us but the idea is to give kids the chance to just play by themselves.

Thanks for everyone's support of this concept this weekend!

Ref Appreciation Weekend

This weekend (24-26 June) is Referee Appreciation weekend. Without referees we wouldn't have a game so this is a great chance to say 'THANKS' to your referee.

Lack of respect shown all too often from players, supporters and coaches towards match officials, is one of the MAIN reasons cited by match officials who decide to “walk away” from contributing in that role.

A simple “thanks” to match officials is a relatively easy gesture that can make a big difference to retaining match officials in our game. Also why not get creative and bake a cake for your referee or give three cheers to them at the end of the game. Just something to show your appreciation.

Trivia Night a BIG Success!

On behalf of the Alstonville Football Club and social committee, we would like to thank everyone one for coming last night and making our Trivia night such a success.

We would like to let everyone know that we raised $2698.30, with out all of you this would not have been possible.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the businesses that donated the prizes:

- Alstonville Plateau Bowls & Sports Club
- Thursday Plantation
- Coles Alstonville
- Rybell Images
- Snowy's Bakery
- Landy's Bulk & Wholefoods
- Magpie Clothing
- Get Stuffed on Main
- Melanie Stewart
- Alstonville Plaza Meats & Deli
- Taffy's Shoes, Keys & Engraving
- Australia Post Alstonville Plaza
- Alstonville Osteopathy
- Alstonville Cellars
- Terry White Chemist Alstonville
- Ace Variety Discounts Alstonville Plaza
- Black Duck Deli Alstonville Plaza
- Elsabe's Hair Salon
- Bunzells
- Federal Hotel
- Priceline Ballina
- Smooth Alstonville
- Edge Fitness

Again a massive thankyou to everyone for making last night a great success!

Tracy, Simone, Dave, Teena and Committee

Keeper Sessions
(Next Session: 29 Aug 2016)

This year we are continuing our special training sessions for keepers who are extra keen to improve. Matt Baker has generously offered to run these sessions once again.

The sessions will now be run WEEKLY at CP 5:30-6:30PM (Gr10-12) and 6:30-7:30 (Gr13-16). If Crawford Park is closed due to wet weather then the sessions will be cancelled for that week. The keeper sessions are open to junior players from Gr10-16. There is no charge for these sessions. Details for the sessions are as follows:

Goal Keeper Sessions Details

These are for those aspiring to be goal keepers or for experienced goal keepers wanting to refine their skills. Matt Baker, who will be running these sessions, is a Premier level keeper. Last year we had lots of reports of improved performance as a result of coming to these sessions. Players will greatly benefit from this training so please come along.

New Playground at GW

Ballina Shire Council have just installed a brand new playground at Geoff Watt fields.

This has proven very popular with kids in the area and at Saturday morning games. A big thank you to Ballina Council for doing this.

Team Photos - Sat 18 June

Our club photographer, Tracy Brown, will be at GW fields Saturday 18 June, between 9AM & 12PM to take team photos.

Please arrange for your team to be there in full playing strip and locate Tracy to take your photo, even if you don't have your full team there!.

If you are playing away that Saturday or are unable to arrange to attend Geoff Watt, please arrange to take your own team photo and send in to us ASAP.

Team photos are important for our historical records so please make the effort to attend or send in your own photo.

First Aid - What to do before the ambulance arrives!

One of the most forgotten aspects of sport (but most important) is first aid.

We have been invited by Alstonville Scouts to join in a first aid training night called "What to do before the ambulance arrives".

We ask all of our coaches and managers to please consider attending this night aswell as anyone else interested. This is a fantastic opportunity in our home town not to be missed.

Details as follows:
- Sunday the 19th June
- 4:00pm to 6.30pm
- Alstonville Bowling Club
- FREE (donations welcome)
- Booking essential

The trainer is a highly experienced intensive care paramedic and trainer of paramedics. Hope to see you there!

To book in for this training night please call Marco on 0405 15 15 15.

Gr6 Eagles All Smiles!

They may not have won today's game but you can't keep the smiles off the faces of this wonderful team of caring little people who all happen to be developing into wonderful little soccer players.

Big thanks to Wayne Rowe our wonderful coach!!

Villa Sweeper - May 2016 Newsletter

The May edition of our newsletter is now available online. Click here to download.

Please make sure you have a read as it contains important info for everyone!

Womens Premiers field Youthful Team

Our Womens Premier team is already a young looking team this year but in their clash with Italo Stars on the weekend, with many players out, they brought in three Gr16 girls to help make up the numbers.

All three put in solid performances with Olivia Kerry and Emily Wiltshire holding out the Stars at the back and Mia Casagrande threatening up front many times and coming away with one goal.

The final score was 4-0 to Villa and was a sign of good things to come at Villa with lots of depth in womens and girls football and with our experienced players willing to mentor the young ones.

The photo below shows an attacking play by Villa. Well done girls!

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This Weeks Roster


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Fri 26 Aug



14 Warriors

Sat 27 Aug



16 Redbacks

Sat 27 Aug



13 Taipans

Sat 27 Aug



8 Tigers

Sat 27 Aug



9 Sharks

CANTEEN (click here for times)

Fri 26 Aug



14 Warriors

Fri 26 Aug



16 Scorpians

Sat 27 Aug



16 Redbacks

Sat 27 Aug



13 Vipers

Sat 27 Aug



11 Komodos

Sat 27 Aug



6 Lorikeets

Sat 27 Aug



8 Leopards

Sat 27 Aug



8 Pumas

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40 Year History Book


The club has published its history for the first time in a beautiful full colour bound book. These can be purchased for $25 from the canteen.

Video of the Week

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2016 Upcoming Events

29 Aug

Keeper Sessions

CP, 5:30PM

5 Sep

Club Meeting

ABC, 7:00pm

18 Sep

MiniRoos Pres

GW, 10:30am

18 Sep

Junior Pres

GW, 12:30am

1-2 Oct

Oceania Cup


10 Oct


ABC, 7pm

See full calendar here.

Latest Mens Premier Score

Game: 6:30pm, 23 Aug, SkHd1 vs Lennox

Villa FC

Pos: 8





Pos: 10

(End of Season)

Latest Womens Premier Score

Game: 7:00pm, Fri 12 Aug, CP1 vs Bangalow

Villa FC

Pos: 4





Pos: 1

Next: 6:30pm, Fri 26 Aug, SkHd1 vs Lennox

2016 Carnivals & Tournaments

3 Apr

Junior Carnival


15 May

Junior Carnival


5 June

Junior Carnival


19 June

Junior Carnival


31 July

Junior Carnival

Sth Lismore

7 Aug

Junior Carnival


22 Aug

Junior Carnival


1-2 Oct

Oceania Cup


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