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Member Protection Policy


The club has a Member Protection Policy which members must abide by as part of the conditions of club membership. A brief summary of the policy is given below. The full policy is available upon request.



The main objective of the Member Protection Policy (policy) is to maintain responsible behaviour and the making of informed decisions by participants in this club. It outlines the club’s commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected. This policy informs everyone involved in the club of his or her rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in the club’s activities.



The policy covers unfair decisions and actions, breaches of codes of behaviour and behaviour that occurs at training, games, in the clubhouse, at social events organised or sanctioned by the club or sport, and on away and overnight trips. It also covers behaviour that brings the club or sport into disrepute or there is suspicion of harm towards a child or young person.


Child Protection

Villa FC is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in the activities of the club. Villa FC supports the rights of children and will act without hesitation to ensure a child safe environment is maintained at all times.


Child Protection Officer

A child protection officer will be appointed each year to oversee and implement the club’s child protection policy (contained in the Member Protection Policy) and as a point of contact for related issues.


Choosing Suitable Volunteers

Villa FC will ensure that reasonable steps are taken to engage only the most suitable and appropriate people to work with children.


Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

Villa FC opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying or any behaviour that is offensive, abusive, belittling, intimidating or threatening – whether this is face-to-face, indirectly or via communication technologies such as mobile phone and computers.

Some forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying are against the law and are based on particular characteristics such as age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, political or religious beliefs, race, and marital status.

The club takes all claims of harassment, discrimination, bullying and cyber bullying seriously. Members who believe they have been harassed, discriminated against or bullied are encouraged to raise the issue with the club immediately by contacting a committee member.


Codes of Conduct

Villa FC has codes of conduct that specify standards of conduct and care when dealing and interacting with children, particularly those in the organisation’s care. These codes are listed elsewhere in the 'Policies' section of the website.


Complaints Process and Disciplinary Measures

Villa FC takes all complaints about on and off-field behaviour seriously. The club will handle complaints based on the principles of procedural fairness (natural justice) and according to it's complaints process.

The club will take disciplinary action against anyone found to have breached the club’s policies or made false or malicious allegations.


Communications Policy

Using the internet and electronic communication is essential for sharing club news and information with members. The club is committed to communication being appropriate and related to club business. The full Communications Policy (part of our Member Protection Policy) can be viewed here.


Smoke Free Policy

Villa FC recognises that smoking and passive smoking is hazardous to health and those non smoking club members and visitors have the right to be protected from exposure to tobacco. The full Smoke Free Policy (part of our Member Protection Policy) can be viewed here.


Alcohol Policy

Villa FC supports the responsible consumption of alcohol and takes seriously any inappropriate behaviour that results from excessive drinking. The full Alcohol Policy (part of our Member Protection Policy) can be viewed here.

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